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Fujian Xinqingxu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. 86-593-66600858
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Fujian Xinqingxu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type

    Trading Company,Seller

  • Main Market

    Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia

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  • Annual Sales


  • Year Established


  • Export p.c

    80% - 90%

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Fujian Xinqingxu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Wanwu Town, Fuan City, Fujian Province. on May 8, 2019, registered in Fuan City Market Supervision Administration and became, with a total investment of one hundred million.
Our company is backed by Qingtuo Group, Fujian Yongjin, Fujian Hongwang, Fujian Shangke and other steel mills under the Qingshan Group, and is a large processing and distribution center integrating processing, logistics and finance, and is committed to creating a complete and mature one-stop supply chain service for customers, aiming to undertake a good link between steel mills and end manufacturers, and to deliver the products under the Group to end customers efficiently.


Our company was established in 2019, backed by the steel mills of Qingtuo Group, Fujian Yongjin, Fujian Hongwang, Fujian Shangke and other steel mills of Qingshan Group, which have the advantage of supply chain. Since our company was established, we have been expanding our customer base and have reached stable partnerships with outstanding companies such as the largest insulation cup manufacturer in China and the leading door control company in China.


Our company is committed to providing the best, fastest and most responsive service to our customers.In the face of problems raised by customers, we will be the first to make improvements until the maximum extent to meet customer needs. We believe that treating customers sincerely and providing good service with heart will be beneficial to both parties.

Our Team

The company's executive chairman, Li Shitong, has more than 30 years of experience in stainless steel business, has a wide customer base and excellent reputation in the local stainless steel industry in Zhejiang, and served as the president of the Rui'an Stainless Steel Association established in 18 years, which plays an important and key role in integrating market resources and driving market development.