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Xinqingxu company group building activities

October 23, 2022

Our company held a group building activity on October 23, 2022 in a picnic camping area in the countryside with full participation. This activity aims to strengthen team cohesion, promote team atmosphere, let the staff relax in a relaxing atmosphere and enhance mutual understanding and trust.

At the activity site, everyone set up tents, barbecued meat, shared food and exchanged feelings and insights with each other. In addition, several team confrontation games were organized, such as tug-of-war and relay race. In the games, everyone actively cooperated and collaborated with each other to complete the tasks.

Besides the games and picnic, there were also some special sessions. For example, the company prepared a mini-concert for the employees to sing by themselves. This session allowed everyone to show their talents and enhance the interaction and communication between each other.